We recommend reading the Configu Concepts section first for a better foundation.

The Configu workflow is an iterative process that boosts configuration management as a regular part of your development cycle:

Configu Flow Diagram

This diagram illustrates the cyclical nature of Configu's workflow, highlighting the continuous interaction between developers, the configuration schema, and the configuration store throughout the development process.


Define ConfigSchema

Purpose: Establish and continually refine the structure and rules for your configuration instances directly within your code, utilizing the ConfigSchema.

Impact: Ensures that your configurations are meticulously defined, providing a clear blueprint for how each configuration should be structured and validated.


Synchronize with VCS

Purpose: Maintain your ConfigSchema in sync with your codebase within your Version Control System (VCS).

Impact: Facilitates team collaboration and version tracking of configurations, ensuring all changes are captured and versioned with the corresponding code changes.


Upsert Configurations

Purpose: Utilize ConfigSchema and ConfigSet to insert or update Configs in a ConfigStore.

Impact: Provides a dynamic and flexible way to mutate configurations, allowing for easy updates and ensuring configurations are consistently validated against the schema. These are instructions or content that only pertain to the third step.


Evaluate Configurations

Purpose: Utilize ConfigSchema and ConfigSet to fetch Configs from a ConfigStore.

Impact: Ensures that only valid configurations are retrieved and used, reducing the risk of misconfiguration and drifts.


Export Configurations

Purpose: Post-evaluation, Configs are transformed to a proper configuration artifact. Utilize the Configu CLI for build and deploy time operations, and the Configu Proxy & SDKs for runtime operations.

Impact: Streamlines the deployment process, allowing configurations to be easily utilized across different stages and environments, from development to production.

By incorporating these steps into regular development routines, Configu fosters a dynamic, integrated approach to configuration management. This methodology not only ensures that configurations remain aligned with your application’s evolution but also enhances the system’s stability, reliability, and the overall efficiency of the development team. Configu’s workflow embodies the principles of agility, security, and scalability, providing a solid foundation for managing configurations in today’s fast-paced software development landscape.