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ConfigStores are pivotal in managing your configurations effectively. Choose from a variety of storage solutions to fit your project’s needs.

In case you don’t find a ConfigStore that meets your requirements, Configu allows you to easily create your own by implementing a simple abstract class with get and set methods. This flexibility empowers you to extend Configu and tailor it to your specific configuration management needs. Please also consider contributing your custom ConfigStore back to the community by submitting a pull request to the Configu GitHub repository.


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Start with the basics: file-based stores.These integrations allow you to accomdate your configuration data within a file in various formats.


Enhance your project with robust database storage solutions for your configurations data, offering scalability and fater fetching.


Secure your sensitive configuration data with these secret management integrations, ensuring your configurations are secure with the best practices.

Feature Flag

Feature Flags are part of the application configuration familiy. they allow you to toggle functionality in your applications without deploying new code. Configu integrates with leading feature flag services to help stramline these toggles effectively under the same unified api of your other application configuration data.


Beyond the typical configuration storage solutions, Configu offers integration with a variety of other services and tools to cater to specific needs.


Container technologies have revolutionized the way applications are deployed. Explore Configu’s integrations to manage configurations seamlessly across different container platforms.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) are critical for modern development workflows. Discover how Configu integrates with popular CI/CD tools.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows you to manage and provision infrastructure through code. Explore Configu’s integrations with IaC tools for more efficient infrastructure management.




Power your server-side applications with Configu’s support for these backend frameworks, ensuring smooth and efficient backend operations.


Create feature-rich and interactive applications with Configu’s integration into app development frameworks, enhancing mobile and desktop application development.