The Configu Platform is the most innovative store purpose-built for configurations. It is built based on the Configu configuration-as-code (CaC) approach and can model configurations and wrap them with unique layers, providing collaboration capabilities, visibility into configuration workflows, and security and compliance standardization.

Unlike legacy tools, which treat configurations as unstructured data or key-value pairs, Configu is leading the way with a Configuration-as-Code approach. By modeling configurations, they are treated as first-class citizens in the developers’ code. This makes our solution more robust and reliable and also enables Configu to provide more capabilities, such as visualization, a testing framework, and security abilities.

Configu Platform complements the Configu OSS management by providing:

  • A Single Source Of Truth - with an easy way to explore and modify configurations
  • E2E Testing - beyond the Configu OSS extensive test framework, Configu Platform adds a logic test layer that tests the big picture
  • History & Versioning - records configuration changes, making it easy to revert if needed
  • Activity Log - record all actions that happen through Configu allowing for better collaboration
  • Webhooks - integrates with practically any 3rd-party tool or platform and enables push events
  • Integrations - integrate with 3rd-party providers to enable features in the Configu Cloud
  • Permissions - invite team members and control their permissions
  • Tokens - enable other tools to integrate into Configu and manage configurations
  • Security - increase your security and provide compliance standardization
  • Authorization - control who can access what in the Configu Platform